Jim Pickens before her makeover

Jim Pickens is a female version of the Dear Leader in High School Dreams.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Jim Pickens was created by Kevin in the game as his character. It is unsure whether she's a copy cat of the original Jim Pickens or if they are the same person.

"Jim Pickens" is actually her first name, as Kevin surprisingly admits in the video while creating her. It is unknown what her last name is. She has a crush on a boy that she calls Chad.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

High school Jim Pickens is dressed similarly (given the options the game has) to the original Jim Pickens. She first changed her appearance due to her want to impress a student, and also to help protect herself from her teacher who hates her.

She sometimes likes to pose in a weird Instagram pose like her fellow students and even her teacher.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jim Pickens is rude to her teacher and her friend Olivia. It is unknown why she is rude, but it may be due to her ego. She is obsessed with boys, including Chad (Chuck Majors). She is obsessed with them so much that she changed her whole appearance in an attempt to try to get the attention of a rich student called Landon.

She loves shopping and hotdogs, respectively evidenced when she goes to the mall with Emily and to the promenade after meeting Olivia. She also likes candy. She loves to dance, but is terrible at it.

It's shown that Jim Pickens is terrible at small talk. At the start of the episode, she wanted to talk about fridge magnets to her friend Emily.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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Her mom - She communicates with her daughter through text messages. This indicates that she doesn't care about her or she is too busy at work.

Miss Trimbull - Jim Pickens is very disrespectful to her teacher; because of that, her teacher hates her. Jim believes that she may be a serial killer and that she is currently blackmailing a student about pictures.

Emily - Emily first introduced Jim Pickens to her group of friends, and then the boys of the school. She also went shopping with her after her first day of school. This indicates that they are both friends, although they don't interact with each other a lot.

Olivia - Jim Pickens is very rude to Olivia even though Olivia just wanted to hang out and have gelato together. Jim thinks that Olivia stinks. It's unknown if they are friends or enemies.

Chuck Majors (Chad) - Jim Pickens has a crush on Chad, so she is mostly nice to him. He was the first boy that she talked with in class, leading her to get in trouble with her teacher.

Past life[edit | edit source]

It is unknown what Jim was like before she and her mom moved to Charm Springs. It is also unknown why they moved to Charm Springs.

It is revealed when talking to Chuck Majors (Chad) that her dad taught her how basketball.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown what her grade is at her high school (possibly an F).
  • Her parents are a massive fan of Kevin's Sims series.
  • It's unknown what state Charms Springs is in, or if it's even located in America.
  • Jim Pickens and her friends think everything revolves around boys.
  • Her style is very unique. It is unknown if there is gossip going around about her.
  • Her parents probably hate her.
  • Jim Pickens is the first female version of the real Jim Pickens.
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