Jim Pickens is Kevin's Bloodborne character. He appears to be a very old and disfigured Hunter, being a birdman. Jim is generally considered hideous and bird-like, leading to no one being able to stand his presence. Though old, this Jim is decidedly agile and is quite a quick and aggressive fighter. It is suggested that this Jim is the ancient ancestor of the Pickens family, however due to the setting, it is likely an alternate universe. 


Jim is a very tall and thin. He is incredibly pale and slightly green, especially in his face. His face is a abomination; featuring jutting cheecks, high set eyes, an brow line almost covering his eyes, a humongous nose, and a jutting chin. He has very unkempt long silvery hair, very thin blue mustache, purple eyebrows, red eyelashes, and has wears a very curved monocle. He wears the common clothes of a Bloodborne charecter.


Jim is an aggresive, if not also slightly cowardous fighter, fighting with a threaded cane and a shotgun that he can not aim. He is obsessed with ugliness and things that are almost as ugly as him. Even though he feeds on it for health, he has extreme bloodlust, using blood vials even when not needed. He is also described as a bird of prey.



Jim has all the powers of a Bloodborne Hunter.


Jim's appearence is so severe, that it actually causes a mental reaction. The very sight of him will either cause severe distress or extreme rage and an urge to kill Jim.

Blood Feeder

Jim can collect blood vials from fallen enemies and feed on them to restore health. He often uses them in excess however, spamming them when not needed. 


  • Jim is known to release a horrific bird-like shriek. 
  • Jim's origin is Violent Past.
  • Jim likes pebbles. He does not like boards.
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