Jim Pickens has many human guinea pigs for his malevolent wishes and a lot of time just for fun.

His targets include:

Jesminder Bheeda Edit

Jesminder Bheeda or "Minion 1" was the most productive of the slaves, Jim, happy with her results, made her the first to receive a bed for a while. She also received the honour of painting his son, Beejey, and The Dear Leader. Her paintings were duplicated and hung all over Jim's house and in the other containment pods. Her painting of Jim is now an iconic symbol of the cult, bringing many people together.

Akshara Srinivasan Edit

Akshara Srinivasan or "Minion 2" was the most selfish of the 3 original slaves, possibly the most selfish slave of all. Once a door connected her and Jesminder's pods, she wasted no time in preventing the latter from using the toilet. She instead sang about herself.

Arun Bheeda Edit

Arun Bheeda or "Minion 3" was the oldest of the 3 original slaves, he was engaged to Jesminder Bheeda until Jim decided on their fate. After being imprisoned he wouldn't see his wife for a few days, their room being separated until Jim thought that by sharing a common area he would save money by not having to furnish all of their rooms. his incoming death was Jim's first motivation to go and search for new possible candidates.

Valentina Mark Edit

Valentina Mark met Jim at his restaurant. Quickly wooed by his Murderous ways, she ended up having a daughter with him, naming her Chandler Mark. She later moved in with the Pickens household where she lived in the basement with Scobay Du, and other prisoners. There she was fed poisonous fruit, and turned into a plant. When Jim needed room in the house for a stolen child, he traded her out, never curing her of her plant status. And then she had a child with Shrek.

Vladislaus Straud Edit

Being a vampire, Vladislaus Straud intrigued Jim who wanted to gain vampirism. Vlad was visited by Jim, agreed to bite him, and then was murdered by him. This, however, didn't work as he is a vampire. He later met Grimey Pickens and started dating her. Shortly, very shortly after the wedding, Jim murdered him again. It didn't work. Again. More time passed and he was locked in the basement. He lived there for a while before being turned into a child and then traded out of the household.

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