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Janice Pickens is the mother of Jim Pickens. She is first seen in the flashback series that takes place in The Sims. She lasts 3 episodes, dying twice, the first time by starvation, but brought back when her husband/roommate/acquaintance Dick Pickens pleads for her life. The second, and final time, is when she is stuck in a room with just a fireplace, a rug, and a couch. The only exit was a men's only bathroom door.

During the course of the series, Janice is revealed to be the cause of Jim's magical powers, when she is revealed to be a witch - although an excruciatingly poor one, who is largely unable to wield her powers. Unlike her husband, who ultimately snaps and becomes a serial killer, as their son eventually would, Janice remains a completely clueless and mostly harmless person, before her untimely death in the house fire. She had an extremely strict adherence to door signs, as seen by her refusal to escape the fire as the sign said "men only".

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Janice has shoulder length blonde hair, brown (?) eyes, pink circular hippie glasses, and a floor-length blue dress. She mainly walks around in her pajamas.

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Janice? More like Jannotnice

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