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"Is Mole available to talk?" is a running joke to CallMeKevin fans, similar to Bore: Ragnarok and Ring of Fire. Its first appearance was in "Sims 2 but I have mole people living in the walls" and then in "[2 but I have the weirdest family ever]". At numerous points in the video, a sim will call the house and say "Hey Dick, is Mole available to talk?" or "Hey Jim, is Mole3 available to talk?" or any sentence looking like that. In the video, Kevin found that funny because the mole people are supposed to be useless and not main characters at all, Jim and Dick being the center of attention of the Let's Play. Some fans have decided to comment on other CallMeKevin videos (unrelated to the Sims 2) and jokingly written "Hey Kevin, is Mole available to talk?”, switching the first name in the question to that of Kevin's.

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