Hogan's Burger Bar was a restaurant owned by Jim Pickens. The restaurant was located in San Myshuno, as Kevin felt there was a gap in the market for places to eat in that neighbourhood. Although the name of the restaurant suggests they sell burgers, they actually only sell pufferfish and water like Jim's previous restaurant, the Chez Llama. Also like the Chez Llama, it was popular due to Kevin purchasing the best advertising package, though it was rated poorly by Sims due to the bad quality of food, and most likely due to the fact that nearly everyone that dined there ended up dead. The Pickens household once again lost a lot of money because of the failing restaurant, but made their money back due to Jim's other schemes ideas being profitable.

Overview Edit

Structure Edit

Hogan's Burger Bar is one of the default restaurants in the game, having been included in the Dine Out expansion for The Sims 4. Kevin bulldozed someone's house to make way for the restaurant, like the evil fecker he is.

Upon purchasing the restaurant, Kevin realised that the dining section was located outside, while the kitchen area and bathrooms were indoors. In addition to this, Kevin expanded the restaurant to include an extra room with a bed, a shower, and a fireplace. Jim would often hang out in this room with either his cult or his family, depending on who he brought with him to the restaurant.

Employees and uniform Edit

The uniform policy for Hogan's Burger Bar was somewhat normal compared to the Chez Llama, although the waiters were forced to wear Grim Reaper outfits, which turned them into floating heads. Much like the Chez Llama, however, Jim underpaid his workers and wouldn't give them breaks very often, if at all. This led to a lot of staff turnover and extreme frustration.

Bouncers were also on the payroll at the restaurant, being paid to keep customers in unless they had 5 star celebrity fame. This meant that even the bouncers couldn't leave at the end of their shifts.

Menu Edit

As mentioned before, the menu was identical to the Chez Llama's, as the only two items were F-grade pufferfish and water. The prices were marked up 100%, which led to some customers not even paying, most likely due to them dying.

  • Pufferfish Nigiri - $78
  • Water - $0

Closure and other appearances Edit

As a result of the Pickens household moving to Strangerville, Jim was forced to sell Hogan's Burger Bar, closing the restaurant and leaving it without an owner.

In a later episode, Jim decided to hold a gang meeting at Hogan's Burger Bar, though they abandoned it in favour of the dingy pub on the secluded island.

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