These are minor characters from Call Me Kevin's playthrough of High School Dreams.

Miss Trimbull: The teacher for Jim Pickens's class. She interrupted Jim when he was talking to chuck. She is possibly a serial killer due to her saying to Jim that she knows how to make people like her disappear. She is currently blackmailing a student for pictures.

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Miss Trimbull

Chuck Majors: Chuck Majors (referred to as chad in the video) is a jock at Charms Spring High. Jim Pickens has a crush on him even though he doesn't remember his name or appearance. He plays basketball. Near the end of the episode, he hits a ball at Jim Pickens's face while practicing.

Eugene: Currently being blackmailed by Miss Trimbull.


chuck majors (chad)

Emily: The girl that introduces Jim Pickens to the school and the boys. She complimented her first-day outfit. She went shopping with Jim on her first day.

Olivia: Invited Jim Pickens to get gelato with down by the promenade. Jim was very rude to her. Enemies or maybe friends.



Brexit: A boy that Jim Pickens wanted to date. Sadly, you can't date him. Seems to be interested in British culture or is from the UK.

Jim Pickens's Mom: Communicates with her daughter through text messages. A big fan of Call Me Kevin's sim series. Possibly hates her daughter.

Sid the British Squid




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