This page is a list of all the important canon events in Grognak The Destroyer's life.

Before the shown events (Normal Universe) Edit

  • At an unknown time in history,the Grognak species are born

Sims Medieval (Normal Universe) Edit

  • In the Middle Ages, a Grognak named Sir Grognak (also known as Grognak The Destroyer) becomes a knight in the kingdom of Fecktopia.
  • Grognak had gotten engaged to a frog queen but the wedding is cancelled twice because she is sleep-deprived. Not long after, Grognak and the frog queen got married.
  • We learn Grognak's parents have been eaten by a whale.
  • Grognak had found someone's eyebrows and returned them to their owner.
  • Grognak vanquished some goblins that had been threatening the kingdom and fed the townspeople with goblin giblets.

GTA 5 RP (Normal Universe) Edit

  • A Chinese member of the Grognak species,Grognak arrives in Los Santos,gets involved in shady operations and ends up being shot by a girl named Jupiter
  • Despite the very localized nature of the injury, their Amnosia prompted the doctors at the Pillbox Hill Medical Center to perform extensive reconstructive surgery,and thus Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law was born.
  • Years Later,Grognak creates the company Grognak Airlines

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The Sims 2 (Normal Universe) Edit

  • Grognak visits a kiddie playhouse, where they meet a sketchy man in a trench coat, and a potion-dealer. Grognak bought ten Plantophic-C potions, which is known to cure Plantsimism. Grognak joins a group of other sims in a jam session, which causes them to catch a few side-eyes from watching sims. At the end of the performance, Grognak freezes in place.
  • A mystical bright light shines onto the kiddie playhouse lot, which was caused by an Infallibly Good Witch on the lot.
  • Later, Jim Pickens and his Imaginary Dad move in with Grognak. Grognak and Jim got along well at first, but then Grognak began pranking Jim. Grognak and Jim's Imaginary Dad have been seen being intimate with one another.
  • After Jim gets back from college, he influences another sim to fight Grognak. In the end, Jim and Grognak work things out. 
  • Grognak dies of hunger

Before the shown events (Normal Universe) Edit

  • After their death in The Sims 2,Grognak is resurrected many years later,but how they were resurrected is unknown.

The Movies (Normal Universe) Edit

  • Despite their busy life as an attorney at law and bus driver,they managed to star in two films
  • Grognak appears in The Movies but we make a horrible western film. They play Demption's (played by Jim Pickens) love interest, Wendy Maynard in a film called Red Dead Re:Demption.
  • Grognak also appeared In The movies but we make a horrible reboot film. In the "Kill Joy" reboot film,they portrayed themselves and they were a supporting role. They got turned into a Jim Pickens at the end of the film.

The Sims 4 (Normal Universe) Edit

  • Grognak briefly appeared in the episode Sims 4 but I deal with Santa Claus,hanging out around Jim's restaurant, but never actually entered.
  • They later appeared in Sims 4 but I start a dysfunctional band as a member of the band. 
  • Grognak got a mustache and a different outfit when they joined Jim's street gang some time after the band's gargantuan failure, in Sims 4 but I start a street gang
  • After Jim's gang was disbanded in a later episode, it remained unknown where Grognak went and if they were even alive.
  • However, in The Sims 4 but going to university was a bad idea,it was revealed that Grognak is indeed alive, as they appeared in the nightclub where Jim and other university students were partying. In that episode, they appeared with fancier clothes and the same mustache. They were also wearing fancy glasses.
  • In the sims 4 but the eco lifestyle pack was a bad idea,Jim Pickens bombs and kills everyone,it is unknown whether Grognak survived or died.

Tomodachi Life (Alternate Universe) Edit

  • In an alternate universe,Grognak is introduced in the Tomodachi Life series in the episode "Tomodachi Life is a wild fever dream". He lives in the same building as Jim Pickens and Turg,as well as default. He wears white torso clothes with black pants and shoes. Grognak has his own song about stomping villages,it is called "Life Changing".

Fallout 76 (Normal Universe) Edit

  • The nuclear annihilation of the world happens
  • After the nuclear annihilation of the world, Grognak's appearance has completely changed. Grognak appeared to have developed masculine features, such as a beard. They are also referred to as "Mr. Grognak".
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