Grognak appeared in Kevin's playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas and is a member of the Grognak species. According to Kevin, he looks like if Danny DeVito and a Goblin had a child it would look like this character. He is a well-known villain having assisted the Powder Gangers to take over the town of Goodsprings and on numerous occasions ate his victims as a tasty snack.

Overview Edit

Grognak is a character who appeared in Kevin's playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas.

First Appearance Edit

the very first appearance of Grognak can be seen here.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Cannibalism: Grognak can consume his dead enemies to regain lost health.
  • Nose and Chin Bayonet: Grognak can charge at his foes and pierce through their skin no matter how thick it may be.
  • Melee Weapons: Grognak has overwhelming strength which he uses to slaughter his enemies in a variety of ways, be it bludgeoning or slow death by a butter knife.
  • Wild Wasteland: Grognak uses his nonexistent brain power to alter the game and makes it much less serious.
  • Four Eyes: If Grognak is wearing glasses he has +1 PER, if not wearing any he has -1 PER.

Personality Edit

Grognak is a cannibalistic ad sadistic killer whose main purpose in life is to ruin other people's lives.

He enjoys feasting on the corpses of his dead enemies.

Actions Edit

As soon as Grognak left Doc Mitchell's house he went to Prospector Saloon and saw a Powder Ganger talking to a citizen of Goodsprings about Ringo, Grognak then confronted the Powder Ganger and offered to help take over Goodsprings showing how much of a horrible person Grognak is.

Grognak's first melee weapon was a knife which Kevin thinks looks like a butter knife, he is certainly capable of dealing massive amounts of damage with melee weapons and he enjoys feasting on the corpses of his deceased enemies.

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