Fucker is a one-time character from the PS2 game, The Bible Game, that appeared in The Bible but it's a horrible PS2 game video.

Fucker has been described as the "trendy kid, who is cool, but also goes to church.".

Being a hip and devout Christian, Fucker, despite his name and impulsive nature, did well during his participation in the Bible Game. Unfortunately for him, both God and Isaac, the red contestant, hassled him throughout the game show, sending The Wrath of God at very ill-timed moments and undermining his progress during the various games respectively. This led to Fucker scoring relatively low, not as low as Isaac though, who seems to know nothing about the bible.

Fucker also appears to immensely hate every single member of the game: the host, most of the other contestants and God himself at times, except for the green contestant, Ruth, who he described to be the only competent and knowledgeable participant.

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