Feck is an Irish-English word, frequently used by Kevin, having become something of a signature word of his.

Definition Edit

FECK fireworks

The word Feck in the sky in FeckWorld

"Feck" is primarily used as a replacement for the word "fuck" for Kevin, though it is usually considered slightly less offensive in terms of vulgarity. While still an expletive, it doesn't have exactly the same connotations and meaning to it as the normal variety, being more of an interjection to express disbelief, pain or anger. Contrary to common belief, it typically doesn't have any connection to intercourse, though that largely depends on the modern interpretation and context of usage. Feckless, for example, usually denotes lack of character strength, meaning something around the lines of "worthless" or "ineffective".The word "feck" has appeared in many videos, and has become part of various place names, such as FeckWorld, FeckLand and Fecktopia.

History Edit

"Feck" is not Kevin's invention. Licence plates are actually sold in Ireland with the word, and it's quite common to hear it there.

One can find many articles and dictionaries with the explanation of the origins of the word, just like this one that seems fine. Merriam-Webster focuses on the Scottish origins and meanings of this wonderful word.

Decline of usage in Kevin's VideosEdit

Recently Kevin has begun to not use the word for unspecified reasons, causing feck to be used less and less. Feck will, however, probably remain ingrained in his commentary vocabulary, primarily due to demonetization for other curse words. It should be noted that feck isn't used commonly on YouTube (except for Alex The Rambler, but that is also because of demonetization.) but Kevin, not even by other Irish YouTubers, like his perhaps-not-so-friendly rival RTGame and slightly-friendlier-but-less-frequently-appearing fellow countryman Daithi de Nogla, although that might be because they don't care about the curse words they use.

Examples Edit

  • "Go feck yourself"
  • "Oh feck!"
  • ”Ah fecking hell”
  • ”For feck's sake.”
  • "FECK"
  • "Fecking eejit."
  • "Feck off!"
  • "You little fecker, you!"
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