Expiriment Pickens is a sim created in a future hospital by Dick Pickens and Mole 4.


She first appeared in the Sims 3 but I ruin the future video, that happens in a distant future. Jim here remember his own past, when he did travelled in that future.

Created as fast as possible by Kevin just as her siblings, she is the younger sister of Test Tube and the big sister of Unwanted. As her father is Dick, she is Jim's half-sister.

While naming her, Kevin made the mistake of putting an "i" instead of an "e" in her name, that should be "Experiment". We do not know if this mistake is intentional or not.


Kevin about to name Expiriment with a spelling mistake.

Growing upEdit

She grew up once in the video Sims 3 but I destroy the timeline, and then twice in the Sims 3 but I am the worst person ever video. We do not know about her life as a teenager, which is the last state we know about her. Just like her half-brother, she looks way older than her age.

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