Richard "Dick" Pickens is the biological father of Jim Pickens, who raised him alongside Jim's mother, Janice Pickens. Dick appears infrequently throughout Kevin's multiple playthroughs of The Sims games, often causing mass havoc.

Despite being something of a side character in the Pickens Cinematic Universe, Dick has had a few standalone videos on Kevin's channel. His appearances in both the PC and PS2 versions of The Sims 1 flesh out his character and showcase why his son Jim is the way he is.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sims 1 (PS2)[edit | edit source]

Back when Dick lived with his mother, it seemed the two had a turbulent relationship. His mother, Mom Pickens, interrupts Dick's daydream and forces him to fix her television. Dick attempts to fix this television, though is electrocuted every time. This continued for three straight days, until he snapped, as it appeared the combination of the electric shocks and his mother's treatment of him had completely changed his personality.

Dick trapped his mother behind a wall that materialized between her and the rest of the house. He also knocked a hole out of the house and built a small fence leading to the outside, so that he could have a "free range mom". In order to avoid further electric shocks, Dick called the fire department to fix his TV, who fined him $100 for a false call to the emergency services. This drove Dick into bankruptcy, as he only had $76.

Time warped back to Dick fixing the TV and getting electrocuted, after which the wall reappeared. However, Dick took out the plant so Mom couldn't have any clean air and there was no fence outside the house this time. Despite being isolated to her windowless prison, she somehow still had the power to disallow Dick from getting a job. He then decided to steal paintings and sell them at a profit, since he couldn't get a job. After multiple disastrous attempts at cooking dinner, Dick ordered a pizza and offered the rotten remains to his imprisoned mother, who refused despite the fact that she was starving. Her refusal to eat the pizza led to her death by starvation, technically marking Dick's first murder.

In an alternate universe, Dick's life went much better. He quickly moved out of his mother's home after borrowing $800 from her and moved into a new home that was partially destroyed by a fire. Dick spent a lot of money fixing the place back up and got a job as a golf caddy to fund his project. However, the house was put on the market as soon as Dick finished and he ended up moving in with a friend of his.

Sims 1 (PC)[edit | edit source]

While the PC version of The Sims 1 came out first, it seems to follow the events of the PS2 version. During this time period, Dick has met and married his wife, Janice Pickens, and fathered a son in Jim. He and his wife weren't fond of technology in their earlier days, but they eventually invested in a hot tub, a skydiving simulator, and a rejuvenation chamber. He was initially portrayed as a seemingly neglectful parent that didn't care about his son’s grades, which led to him being shipped off to military school. He was also portrayed as a fame-seeking resident idiot, putting on hours long performances of bad stand-up comedy, forcing paparazzo to take photos of him instead of actual celebrities and would give out his autograph to strangers. He eventually spiraled into madness when he got dropped by his talent agency. He murdered his wife in cold blood by locking her in a room with a fireplace so he could date more women. He also bought twelve different potion sets and drank them all at once in an attempt to find love, though he spiraled further into insanity after he created a clone of himself. He invited the whole neighbourhood to a pool party and drowned them all, even attempting to kidnap Drew Carey when he showed up randomly.

Sims 2 (PC)[edit | edit source]

Dick did not appear during Jim's college years, which was Kevin's initial video on The Sims 2, and was replaced by Imaginary Dad Pickens. However, some subscribers believe this is not canon to the Pickens Cinematic Universe.

He does, however, appear later in the Sims 2, as he and Jim (who returned from military school as a teen) moved to a new, bigger house with mole people living in the walls that do the chores. He found work as a gamer and was present when Jim continuously invited the principal over. These invites usually ended in disaster. Most notably in the mini-series, Dick ruined a date that Jim had with a girl he met through the matchmaking service by throwing a water balloon at her head. Embarrassed and upset by his father's actions, Jim ran off crying.

Sims 3 and 4[edit | edit source]

In Sims 3, Dick gets into a relationship with a new mole person, Mole 4, and they run away in a time machine to the year 2991. During this time, Mole 4 and Dick have three kids: Test Tube, Expiriment, and Unwanted. They were all given the evil trait by Kevin.

Dick reappeared in the Sims 4 playthrough, where it was revealed that he became a vampire and wanted to bring Mole 4 back to life. He was able to bring Mole back after using a Frankenstein-like machine to reanimate his corpse. However, Mole 4 ended up becoming a zombie and was not cured after Jim happened upon a cure for the affected people in the Pickens household.

Dick later proclaimed himself king in an attempt to make money through taxes paid by the neighbourhood. As a result, Jim became the prince and heir to the throne, and the rest of the Pickens household was turned into the royal court. Dick proved to be a terrible king, as he was unable to keep his own servants under control.

Deaths[edit | edit source]

After Kevin concluded that Jim would be a better king, he had him poison Dick and take over. Dick was resurrected as a ghost shortly thereafter, and continued living in the Pickens household, not doing a whole lot.

In Sims 4 but Eco Lifestyle was a bad idea, Dick was one of the many Sims supposedly murdered after Jim launched a missile that blew up the neighbourhood the Pickens household was living in. However, due to his ghost status, it is unknown if Dick was affected by this. Regardless, he has made no appearances in the Sims 4 since, because Kevin wanted a soft reset of the Pickens Cinematic Universe.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dick is a middle-aged white man with brown hair styled into a 70's afro, a brown moustache, and a thin physique. His outfit consists of a blue disco jacket with no shirt, a gold chain necklace, white trousers, and brown shoes. His appearance changes strongly in the Sims 3, where he loses his afro hairstyle. In the Sims 4, Dick has huge grey afro and scars all over his face. He wears huge glasses, a Christmas sweater with reindeer on it and green mini shorts that turn pink when he changes into his dark form.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Dick is an outgoing male with a love of house parties, particularly those involving numerous deaths in his pools. He is a generally unlikeable, unintelligent and egotistical person, going so far as to attempt to give strangers his autograph when he had just begun his career as a stand-up comedian. While he started his life after the death of his mother as a caring husband (though neglectful father), he eventually murders Janice Pickens in cold blood by trapping her inside a room and allowing her to burn to death from a fireplace-induced blaze so he could further pursue a relationship with Cornelia Goth Sr. Janice was unable to escape the room herself due to being unable to disobey signs on doors, with her only escape being through a men's only bathroom door.

Based on his eventual development into a serial killer, it can be presumed that Dick is the root of Jim's murderous personality and promiscuous behavior, having murdered dozens of people (albeit some "accidentally") and attempted to romance at least 3 other women after he murdered Janice.

It appears that Dick had gained his psychotic manners from the abusive nature of his mother, likely a cause from the constant electrical shocks he had suffered while being forced to fix his mother's television.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Voodoo[edit | edit source]

After purchasing a voodoo doll, Dick is able to manipulate others at will. Cornelia Goth Sr. was his first victim and test subject, though Dick made the excuse of a 'gust of wind' being responsible for her seizure. Later he made a man punch himself in the face after disliking the appearance of another and stabbed a third simply for standing in his living room.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

Dick can teleport both himself and others at will, as seen in the final pool party where he attempted to remove Todd from existence, only to teleport him across the moat. He further displays this power when attempting to murder Drew Carey by teleporting him into his home and trapping him inside.

Potion Crafting[edit | edit source]

Desperate for love, Dick constantly created potions (for which he hoped were love) to see if he could get hooked up. He didn't always get his outcome...

Killed Victims[edit | edit source]

Much of Dick's victims were subject to being trapped, the first occurrence of this happening was when Dick had still lived with his mother, his mother's mentally abusive nature likely caused Dick to trap her in a room and caused her to starve to death. His first victims since the murder of his mother were six victims that were trapped in a swimming pool where they all drowned. His second round of victims of which there were seven, were trapped near his foyer which was temporarily blocked off by a swimming pool, they likely died of starvation or thirst. Dick then threw another party at his house, which resulted in two more sims dying from drowning. Dick then killed his wife, Janice Pickens, after being angry from her entering a room clearly labelled with a men-only sign. He trapped her in a room and forced her to turn on the fireplace, which led to the room setting aflame, killing her. The last wave of sims he killed was when he threw multiple parties, which led to over seventeen sims attending. All of them died.His latest victims were in the sims 4 when he shot two zombies and blew their heads off. Dick has killed 37 sims and a cat.

This list shows the victims Dick has killed:

  • Mom Pickens (Caused)
  • Leela (Caused)
  • Yvette (Caused)
  • Trip (Caused)
  • Sinjin (Caused)
  • Elden Hick (Caused)
  • Virginia (Caused)
  • Logan (Caused)
  • Carmen (Caused)
  • Gunther Goth (Caused)
  • Louis (Caused)
  • Brad Burb (Indirectly Caused)
  • Margaret (Caused)
  • Celeste (Caused)
  • Janice Pickens
  • Jim Pickens (Cat) (Caused)
  • Tiffany Burb (Caused)
  • Virginia (Caused) (Different Person)
  • Jada (Caused)
  • Ian (Caused)
  • Leon (Caused)
  • Aspen (Caused)
  • Kendrick (Caused)
  • Ginia Kat (Caused)
  • Rhett (Caused)
  • Leigh-Anne (Caused)
  • Eloisa (Caused)
  • Brooke (Caused)
  • Molly (Caused)
  • 7 Unnamed Sims (Caused)
  • Unnamed Sim (Caused) (Sims 4) (Zombie Apocalypse)
  • Izaiah Garcia (Caused) (Sims 4) (Zombie Apocalypse)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dick is a Richard.
  • Jim Pickens was only seven at the time of Dick and Janice's stories.
  • Dick has an official Twitter page, featured in a video.
  • Dick was the first monarch of the Pickens dynasty.
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