default is a character Kevin created for Tomodachi Life in the Tomodachi Life is both the weirdest and best game ever video. Her only purpose is to add a necessary third character per the game's demands. Her personality is neutral and her catchphrase is "I feel neutral".

Kevin began to actually like default after having her sing a song about having neutral emotions.

In Miitopia is the perfect gaming experience, Default joins Turg's party to help him and Lil Kev defeat the Dark Lord Jim Pickens. She is a warrior with the "cool" personality (her first skill being "indifference").

Default's battle cry in Miitopia is "You drive me neutral".

As of the Tomodachi Life episode Tomodachi life is completely cursed, it appears Default has become quite fond of Turg, and vice versa with Kevin finding the two hanging out together naturally. Kevin has stated he supports their relationship calling them the perfect power couple; additionally, the ship has been officially endorsed by Kevin Corp. At the request of Kevin, quite a bit of fan art including drawings and fan fiction of Default and Turg (or "Durg") has been found around the internet and on the r/CallMeKevin subreddit page.

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