Default Default is a feminine Mii whose personality traits are Energetic and Buddy. They are often compared to an NPC due to their indifference and initial irrelevance.

Background and History[edit | edit source]

Default is a character Kevin created for Tomodachi Life in "Tomodachi Life is both the weirdest and best game ever". Her initial purpose was to add a necessary third character per the game's demands. Her personality is neutral and her catchphrase is "I feel neutral". Her birth date is January 1st, 1990. Default is referred to with both she/her and they/them pronouns.

Kevin began to warm up to Default after having her sing a rock & roll song about her indifference, titled "Rock 'n' Roll Baby" in-game but referred to by fans as "You Make My Heart Beat At A Normal Rate/Pace".

In "Miitopia is the perfect gaming experience", Default joins Turg's party to help him and Lil Kev defeat the Dark Lord Jim Pickens. She is a warrior with the "cool" personality, her first skill being indifference.

Default's battle cry in Miitopia is "You drive me neutral".

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Default's appearance is that of the default female Mii, as she was created solely as a space filler. Her natural hair colour is dark brown, although she had her hair dyed orange from the 10:30 mark in "Tomodachi Life is a wild fever dream" to the end of "tomodachi life". She wears default female clothing in white, that being their favourite colour.

Music Career[edit | edit source]

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Original Songs[edit | edit source]

"Rock 'n' Roll Baby"[edit | edit source]

As previously mentioned, Kevin's current affection for Default began with her rock & roll performance of "Rock 'n' Roll Baby", which occurred exactly at the 10 minute mark in "Tomodachi Life made me have an existential crisis".

"Rock 'n' Roll, Baby" - Happy n' Neutral Version[edit | edit source]

Default performs a song that shares a name with her debut hit at the 12:35 mark in "Tomodachi Life is completely cursed" alongside Turg.

"Couple Goals"[edit | edit source]

Couple Goals is a song performed by Turg and Default's most recent musical venture, Future Couple. It is a duet in which it appears the two never heard each other's parts. The song was performed at the 13:17 mark in "My Tomodachi Life cinematic universe is insane".

Cameos[edit | edit source]

Default has appeared in the Techno cult propaganda performance led by Ron and Gorg, "Operation Mind Control", found at the 17:44 mark in "tomodachi life ". She appears to handle the mixing, as well as joining in for the chorus.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Turg[edit | edit source]

As of the episode "Tomodachi life is completely cursed", it appears Default has become quite fond of Turg, and vice versa, with Kevin finding the two hanging out together naturally. Kevin has stated he supports their relationship, calling them the perfect power couple; additionally, the ship has been officially endorsed by Kevin Corp. At the request of Kevin, quite a bit of fanart and fanfiction of Default and Turg (or "Durg") has been found around the internet and on the r/CallMeKevin subreddit page.

Their relationship was made semi-canon by Kevin after Turg started spending time in Default's room frequently. After these interactions, Kevin formed the band Happy n' Neutral with the two of them. In a later video, Kevin threatens to create the band "Lovely Couple", to which they end up forming a new band called Future Couple and perform a romantic ballad called Couple Goals, wherein Turg confesses and Default denies any strong feelings.

Turg is the only person Default knows.

In The Sims Series[edit | edit source]

Default had her debut in the Sims series episode "Sims 4 but my prisoner knitting business is booming", in which Jim consensually kidnaps her, she begins to knit, and Turg somehow manages to get a date with her.

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