Death Day is a holiday created by Kevin in his Sims 4 series. The holiday originated in his video Sims 4 but winter is very deadly, when Kevin planned for the Pickens household to host a pool party in winter, after changing the weather via a weather controlling device.

Death Day is celebrated annually in the Sims 4 realm, which takes place the day before Winterfest, and it also seems to coincide with Jim Pickens' birthday, as shown on the calendar in the origin video. As his birthday and Death Day are celebrated on the same day, Jim usually chooses to go on killing sprees around the Death Day period. Kevin also made Death Day a public holiday, as other Sims get the day off work and school to celebrate.

Holiday traditions Edit

Since Kevin changed the season to winter in the origin video, he wanted as many people to die as possible. As a result, he arranged some traditions that would cause Sims to freeze to death. These traditions included:

  • Streaking
  • Having "water fun" (swimming in outdoor pools)
  • Partaking in a polar bear plunge (diving in low temperature water in swimwear)
  • Barbeques
  • Guests being invited over to take part in the aforementioned traditions

Death Day also has similar decor to Winterfest, which is essentially the Sims' equivalent of Christmas.

EA eventually patched Sims freezing to death after swimming in pools not long after Kevin made the Death Day video, which he found mighty suspicious.

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