Jim Pickens bought a horse named DEBT. It cost 1040 simoleons and was bought in "Sims 3 but I destroy the timeline".


It has a brown horse with a white muzzle, blond hair and a dark underbelly. However, when DEBT was purchased it has brown hair and a completely brown coat.

Overview Edit

DEBT was bought at 5 am not too long after the stable had opened. As soon as Jim got onto DEBT the only word Kevin was majestic as the sight of Jim on a horse was lovely.

As DEBT was being ridden back to the house Kevin began to sing an alternate version of the song 'Old Town Road' in which lyrics were changed to reference Dick and Mole 4's babies crying a lot.

When Jim arrived at home DEBT was seemingly forgotten about until the next episode in which Kevin realises his horse is missing.

Trivia Edit

  • DEBT was bought with the intention of bringing it into the future however DEBT was unable to go into the future.
    • DEBT also disappeared after either going to the future or coming back to the present as DEBT was nowhere to be meaning Kevin had to purchase a new horse, Lawnmower
  • DEBT's original name was Clipclop.
  • Despite DEBT's name the horse never actually caused the Pickens family to go into debt, only leaving the household with 324 simoleons after purchase.
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