Cougha, read like Café, is Kevin's Internet Café from the Cafe Simulator is an incredibly frustrating experience video.

It's the second Internet Café simulated by Kevin, as the first one, called Da Post Office, was too messy.

Da Post Office Edit

This is the first Internet Café place Kevin made. As the name "The post office" didn't fit the allowed space, Kevin chose to modify it consequently. It quickly ran out of business because Kevin kept clicking on totally innocent ads that actually were scams allowing hackers to steal some of his in-game cryptocurrencies. Kevin seems shocked every time he clicks on the ads, as his reactions are always absolutely not very exagerated.

The place was full of mice on the floor, but actually it was only computer mice.

In order to restart his game, Kevin suggests his character is going to escape the country and come back with a fake ID and a moustache. Also, he begins to "deactivate" everyone on the street.

Cougha Edit

This name was chosen because it "looks exotic" and might attract "fancy people".

The place is full of "tacky posters" in order to bring "a lot of business".

Kevin's character sits on a pizza box on a gaming chair when he's using the main computer.

If he's getting robbed rather often but manages to "deactivate" the thief everytime, trash appears regularly every morning, making Kevin thinking that thieves come at night. At the end of the video, "a ghost" seems to use a computer, without paying, so maybe it's possible he actually is the one trashing the place. A notable thing is that the thieves have a really weird stealing method: indeed, they always steal stuff in front of the character.

Unlike in Da Post Office, Kevin never clicks a scammy ad on purpose.

The character gets caught by the police as he's mining a lot of cryptocurrencies and it's apparently illegal with mining rigs. Because of his mining habits, Kevin calls his character a "minor", a pun that emerged when he saw an ad for "18+ only". Kevin remarks that he cannot "deactivate" the policeman.

Ruined, Kevin can only use "Luck scratch", a digital scratching card game, in order to get money to eat.

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