Clown Car is the name of the character that appears in the episode titled "Episode but I am a teenage girl looking for love in the zombie apocalypse" She is a teen whose school is infested with zombies.


Clown has large red hair. She has blonde eyebrows and orange eyes. Her eyebrows and lip mix in or camouflage with her tanned skin. She wears black glasses on her face. 

Quotes Edit

"Oof!" Clown Crashing into another high school student.

"I need a snack. It's been a h*ll of a morning" Clown complaining.

"Danny!" Clown screaming at a deaf kid.

"No.. No.. No.. This door is just painted on!" Clown running from zombies.

"Oh my god! It's the popular kids!" Clown screaming to warn people of the zombies.

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