Clement Frost is the first of the Santas to move in with Jim (the other one being Ryland Oakley). His current whereabouts are unknown.


Jim invited Clement into his house to get off the naughty list. He let him move in when he found out that he was rich, then locked him in the cells in the basement.

Clement was zombified early in "Sims 4 but it's the zombie apocalypse", but was bought back to life by Kevin later on in the episode. He was instantly zombified again after his resurrection.

Clement was cured of his zombie form together with Ryland Oakley just to fight to the death. He eventually won the battle, but as one ultimate challenge, he had to hack Ryland into pieces with cleavers and consume his body. Clement wasn't very proud of this and felt very nauseous afterward, however, he had to do it to survive.

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