Chez Llama, or Jim’s, was a restaurant owned by Jim Pickens. It was a popular restaurant due to Kevin purchasing the best advertising package, but it was rated very poorly by Sims due to the bad quality of food, and most likely due to the fact that nearly everyone that dined there ended up dead. The restaurant only served pufferfish and water, both of which were F-grade quality. The bad quality of the pufferfish, combined with the inexperienced chefs preparing it usually led to the death of those who consumed it.

Overview Edit

Structure Edit

During the Sims series, there were two versions of the Chez Llama. The first one was just the default restaurant made by the game, with a graveyard nearby. The second version was made by Kevin, and it looked far more chaotic than the one made by the game. As he sold the graveyard business prior to renovating the restaurant, he placed the graves out the back and had a table basically in the middle of the burial ground/cemetery.

Employees and uniform Edit

Many of the employees were forced to wear embarrassing clothes as part of their uniform, such as a hotdog outfit, or just straight up not wearing pants. In addition to this, Jim turned practically all of his staff into vampires so they wouldn't tire, meaning he wouldn't have to send them home. He also barely promoted any of the staff and kept them on minimum wages, leading to the staff becoming extremely frustrated. Because of this, staff turnover was quite high, and the Pickens household practically hemorrhaged money due to the failing restaurant.

Menu Edit

As mentioned before, only two items were on the menu at the Chez Llama. Those being F-grade pufferfish and water. The prices were marked up 100%, which led to some customers not even paying, most likely due to them dying.

  • Pufferfish Nigiri - $78
  • Water - $0

Closure and other appearances Edit

As a result of the Pickens household moving to a different neighbourhood, Jim was forced to sell the Chez Llama, closing the restaurant and leaving it without an owner. He eventually opened another restaurant like it near his new house, but under a different name.

After moving and selling the restaurant, Jim has occasionally gotten calls from other Sims asking to go on a date to the Chez Llama.

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