|<This page is about the turtles that resided on the shores of Kevin's house. For the horse, see Chad.>

The Chad Turtles were former residents of Kevin's house, living in a pen on the shores of the beach. Before being captured by Kevin, one turtle used to sit right outside Kevin's house and do nothing, which became something of a running joke over a few episodes. The other turtle was located on another beach not too far from Kevin's house. Kevin initially confused this turtle with the one outside his house.

While in the care of Kevin, they weren't really looked after too well, only living in the pen so Kevin could farm their scutes to make a helmet that allowed him to breathe underwater. A lot of the time, the babies and other turtles would die or simply just disappear.

Personality Edit

Even though they were hooked up by Kevin as a joke and for farming purposes, they seemed to genuinely love each other and would often ignore Kevin.

The male turtle was a pretty awkward guy. He tried waving to Kevin, but immediately looked away. The female turtle is very normal, wondering why Kevin is trapping her in a fence box when she lays eggs.

All of their children were killed by the negligence of Kevin, as he let them suffocate, except for one at the end of the episode. A third one joined them as well. He would often make babies with the other two turtles, though he eventually calmed down over time.

Eviction Edit

During a building episode where he improved his house, Kevin decided to break down the pen that housed the turtles, claiming that it ruined his ocean view even though he put it there to begin with. He also broke an egg that contained a baby turtle, which seriously pissed off the parents.

After the pen was broken, pretty much all the turtles swam away with no hesitation. However, they eventually came back and began to loiter on Kevin's beach, where they have remained ever since.

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