"Alright, I think he likes me now. Yay! You get presents immediately."
Chad is Kevin's third horse found in the 6th Minecraft episode.

Kevin found another saddle and some diamond horse armor when finishing his second trip to the nether and tamed Chad, since he was the nearest horse. Beyblade and Chad returned with Kevin to the house.

Even though Chad has the same horse armor as Beyblade, Chad is brown and the two (without their horse armor) can be easily told apart.

Chad was taken on a random adventure, turning out that the adventure they went on was unsuccessful as an enderman Kevin tried to kill, fled with low health. Chad was left behind, but was soon retrieved, and put back to the pen.

In the episode "I took things a little too far in Minecraft", Kevin allowed Chad outside his pen for the first time, only to take him on an adventure and leaving him near a beach and a crafting table, he also forgot his name and mistaken him for Beyblade.

Personality Edit

Chad is extremely pushy. His origin of being tamed was Beyblade's story, he was hesitant at being tamed, shaking his legs at Kevin, like the horse equivalent of telling someone to feck off. He is overly independent and pushes around other horses when he finds out he's not special. Chad immediately started pushing Shit when he arrived back at Kevin's House. The two hate each other and won't stop fighting. Beyblade is pushed around a bit too, but not as often. The episode after that, Chad calmed down about from his anger in the last one, Kevin looked at him, And he knew to look down in shame. Beyblade seems a bit stronger than Chad, not taking any of his pushes and basically ignoring him in a way.

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