The cartographer villager is the child of Bob's washing partner and his boyfriend. He currently lives in the prison, being forced to reproduce and create products that Kevin can trade for.

Overview Edit

The cartographer villager was a fun-enducing child and loved to spend time with his family. He would occasionally jump on the beds in the prison, but would usually run around the yard and the cells. One of his fathers, Bob's washing partner, was killed by Kevin after a glitch prevented trades from occurring. Kevin decided that rather than dealing with it, he would kill the villager and spawn in a new one.

After a few days in-game, he grew up and was initially a jobless hippie, since the only jobs in the prison were taken by his dad and stepdad. Kevin then placed a cartography table in the prison yard so he would take the job, which he did with absolutely zero hesitation. He quickly leveled up after trading Kevin emeralds in exchange for paper, then later traded an ocean explorer's map for a bunch of emeralds.

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