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Hey there friends! How's it going? Welcome to the Call Me Kevin wiki!

It has been made to honour the (around) 2 760 000 subscribblers YouTuber "Call Me Kevin". This is not an official wiki, just the best place (except for the videos of course) to get to know him and his universe.

About Kevin

Kevin started his YouTube gaming channel on November 5th, 2009 playing mostly Call of Duty, his most notable series was with Machinima on "How to Annoy People". Afterwards, he branched out to playing various other games such as Grand Theft Auto, The Sims, Minecraft, and many more!

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Some cool articles for the Cool kids


(or zXNoRegretzzXz in the days of yore).

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Jim Pickens

Our Dear Leader.

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Bore: Ragnarok

and absolutely not "The Pacifier".

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Kevin Life Tips

Useful pieces of advice given by Kevin.

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The Destroyer, Attorney at Law, Esquire, M.D.

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This character is neutral.

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Baking Bad

Learn to cook with a totally true "chef".

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