"That's proper sad!"

First Appearance: "The Love Birds"

Grognak meets CDD after their fateful surgery. Grognak originally means to call him Double D because of his two Ds in Business Studies and Economics. However, that is already his mother's name, so they settle on CDD based on his C in Drama.

They immediately bond over their shared interests. Grognak reminds CDD of his brother, who is a dickhead, but alright sometimes. They both like music and stylish headwear.

CDD has 17 followers on snapchat, but they are "proper loyal".

Grognak and CDD adopt Rocky and have several adventures with him. Their relationship takes a tragic turn however when Grognak seems to have an interest in Shawn and CDD shows first signs of Amnosia, punching Rocky. At the end of the first season, CDD seemingly dies, but he makes a dramatic return for the finale of the second season, where he joins the bus crew for a heroic attack on the hospital.

At one time CDD reported the news under the name "MC Dog Blanket".

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