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Niko Kepeniko Niko Kepeniko 22 May

Are there two types of grognaks?

Have you ever wondered if the grognaks from Pickens Cinematic Universe and grognaks from the Fallout games are two different types of grognak? While they are similar in terms of strength and sadism, they are extremely different when it comes to their appearance: The grognaks from PCU look relatively normal, having regular human face and no hair, while the Fallout grognaks have square-shaped heads with absolutely monstrous faces, and visible hair. And this is definitely not Kevin forgetting what a grognak looks like, whenever grognaks appear in his GTA 5 and Sims videos, they all look the same, but not in his Fallout videos.

So, is it possible that the grognaks from PCU and Fallout are two different types, or maybe the Fallout grognaks are j…

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The Reckoning pt.2

My problems are not from this GREAT FANDOM.fansite but nor is it from my feckin' speech problems but it is because of something very odd and hilarious....

  1. It took him a while to realize that everything he decided not to change, he was actually choosing.
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Niko Kepeniko Niko Kepeniko 2 May

About the conflict

Hi, i would like to apologise for causing a drama on this wiki, i have made a person mad to the point where they created an article dedicated to me and started insulting me. This was mainly due to me editing their made articles, trying to make them more readable and beautiful, but also because i marked some of their articles as candidates for deletion, because they were either made up or had absolutely nothing to do with this wiki. Maybe editing articles was not a bad thing, but marking them as candidates was. I should not have done that, it's the admin's job, i am not an admin so this is purely my fault.

Again, i am sorry for the drama, i did not want this to end up the way it did. I will no longer mark articles or contents as candidates f…

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this is a test

Hello! If you see this post, please respond with a random word (preferably not vulgar). Anything works.

Also psst if you're new, don't forget to check out the rules

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 12 March

Wiki appearing again!

Hey there friends!

As you may have seen, the wiki appeared today on a video called I googled myself!

I won't give a timestamp as it basically appears on the whole beginning of the video, maybe even the first half.

Thanks to all the contributors of all the pages shown in the video (I think I made parts of the part about the Kevin Sims 4 character so I'm a bit proud and all the great contributors should be too).

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One piece of stardust One piece of stardust 29 January

Is there a way to 'lock' the wiki

A lot of anonymous users edit this wiki. Recently someone just made a whole bunch of blank pages like Huck, Suck, Frick, Frack, and Freck. To minimize trolling, is it possible for an admin to lock the wiki so that only actual accounts can make edits? (I am fairly new to Fandom wiki so apologies for not knowing much about it)

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 26 January

Life Tips and Bitlife

Hello everyone,

As I mentionned in a comment recently, here are some suggestions about Kevin Life Tips and all of the things related to the BitLife series.


As some users evoked, the page Kevin Life Tips is very long and should be split in two pages: one containing only the life tips, and the other one showing all the other kinds of tips and lists. Please give me the following things in the comments of this blog post: a great name for a new page (Kevin Life Tips will remain the same, but will contain only the tips and the trivia related to them); if you think there should be actually three pages (life tips, other tips, lists); and a name for a category linking all of the tips pages (I guess Tips or Lists).

Now that there are less tips (which…

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 20 December 2020

Wiki appearing again and some news

Hello everyone,

First of all, the wiki appeared again in the latest video showing Kevin Life Tips!

Thanks everyone participating in the wiki, I regularly see some nicknames and it's awesome. Talking about Life Tips, I regularly see User:Controller Konn updating them very quickly and that's awesome. I don't remember everyone but anyways, most of the edits are very good on other pages. Some are not, so do not hesitate to warn me in case you find something weird or that doesn't suit this website. I will take care of it if needed. A user did it recently and that's a very good initiative. I don't come as often as I used to so that would be a nice help especially in order to make me come back (which you may not care about and I understand). As alw…

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 3 August 2020

Which article should be featured on the home page?

Hi everyone! As you may have seen, I recently added a new gallery on the home page, featuring 3 articles: Kevin Life Tips, Grognak, and Baking Bad. As you may get by comparison with the previous one, there is room for another article to be featured here. Also, the first box features Bore: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, this article is too small, so it should be either completed or replaced.

The featured articles should match these criterias:

  • be a popular/important thing on the channel
  • be long enough
  • be a quality article

What are your suggestions? A Tomodachi Life/Miitopia page would be awesome. Default seems pretty popular right now but unfortunately her page is ridiculously small. Minecraft ones are of nice quality, but the series is not as popular …

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Boikk Boikk 18 July 2020

What about kevin new video Sims 4 but i rob my neighbours home

what about that new video and about the new sims 4 seris with jim pickens and turg ?

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 12 July 2020

Wiki featured again in a video!

Hi everyone!

The page Kevin Life Tips has just been featured in the latest video, Miitopia is the perfect gaming experience. It can be seen near 1:22.

So, thanks for everyone editing this list with me. Even if some mistakes are seen sometimes, the page is really good and we should all continue to complete it.

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Captain jack sparrow123 Captain jack sparrow123 29 May 2020

should we start adding pages for kevin's new minecraft hardcore vids?

do you think that we should start adding pages for kevin's new hardcore minecraft let's play? Do you think it's important? Like we have content for his first and second minecraft let's plays,so i find it kinda dumb if we don't add pages for his hardcore one. what do you think dear friends?

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RandomDude565445 RandomDude565445 10 April 2020

Anyone remember this

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 15 February 2020

Wiki featured once again in a video!

Hey there friends! As you may have seen, the page Kevin has just been featured in the The most cursed rhythm game ever video! It is possible to see the wiki, with all the new colours etc (the last time is has been featured, the basic green background was there), near 3:34. So, in order to respect Kevin's joke on it, his picture will be changed to fit his disguise from the video. Anyway, after some time (at least one month), feel free to revert it to a more "normal" one. See you soon!

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 8 January 2020

Bitlife pages

Hey everyone!
I would like your opinion on the subject of Bitlife characters.
Do you think it's better to create one page per character or put all of them on one page?
There are two pages about Bitlife characters for the moment : BitLife (Characters) and Kevin notme .

So, what do you think? Should every Bitlife characters, including pets, have their onw pages (and as a consequence, appear in a brand new "Bitlife" category), or should everyone appear on a single long page?

Please, argue in the comments of this blog post.

I think that given the fact that every character has a very short story, eveyone should be on only one page. A good alternative would be putting main pages with sections. For example, a page about Light Bulb would containt every …

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 4 January 2020


Hi everyone! First of all, it's a little bit late but I wish you all a happy new year!

I make this blog post to ask you for something. As I do not have the skills to do so, I think some of you may be able to make a nice logo for the wiki. My idea would be some kind of thing similar to the but with the letters CMK and Wiki below or something.

If you want try whatever you want, you can add a picture in the comments. There are just some rules to respect:

  • Respect the colours used on the wiki
  • Obviously, respect Kevin's universe
  • Make it simple, not a complicated mess
  • The logo must be a PNG file, maximum 250x65 pixels
  • Post your creation under this blog post as a comment and post an imgur link with your creation. Don't add a file on the wiki!


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Pijacquet Pijacquet 6 September 2019


Hi all, So, there are two pages that are kind of problematic: Paul Pickens (Pickens) and Paul (Minecraft) (Minecraft). Indeed, what bothers me are those things:

  • The content from Minecraft is already, shorten, in Pickens
  • Pickens is older than Minecraft
  • It's almost the same thing
  • Pickens contains every other Paul incarnation, why not Minecraft 2nd LP too?
  • Both pages are very short (especially Minecraft), and I think making a long one with all the content is better

So, that just a post to take your opinions on the subject. I think I will delete Minecraft and copy most of its content if there's no discussion. I will get busy so it may take some time.

Bye for now!

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 1 September 2019

Pages that need to be created or reworked

Hey there friends!
Here's a list of articles that desperately need to be made or enhanced.
Creating articles is not only making the page, a thing that everyone could do. Indeed, When you create an article, give a lot of content in it ! If you don't have all the resources or time to do so, that's ok and understandable, creating the page and at least giving some content such as a description long enough to understand it and upload one picture is very nice, but the more you do the better, indeed!

EDIT 02/02/2021: for more clarity, I deleted what has already been made. You can check everything in the history of this blog article if needed. I also added some more things that have to be done.

Just click on the red links to create the articles !


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Pijacquet Pijacquet 28 August 2019

Articles to rewrite

Hey there! First, huge thanks to two users, AshGaming28 and TheFive8th, your work is generally awesome. Obviously, (almost) all the other do amazing stuff, but those two ones seem to, like, do lots of things here, write well, make nice pages, etc.

Anyway, that's not the purpose of this blog post. Indeed, it's just something to take your opinion on a topic: reworking The echo, Johnny Cash and Ring of Fire. So, my first thought was "do we keep them that way, as some users in the comments like them, or do we change them to something more serious?" I have the same question for Kevin and Jim Pickens, who are huge pages here. But I mean, let's see Kevin's infobox for example. I personnally want serious things here. We still can share soup beans an…

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 22 August 2019

Wiki colours

Hey there! Just a small blog post to warn you about my decisions of changing the coulours. The green background is a default proposition, I guess things could be a little bit better than just that. Also, don't hesitate to tell me here in the comments if you think other colours could be better. You have a really good picture for the background and think it's better than a shade of blue? Share it!

So, the blue shades are taken directly from Kevin's logo. The darker one is from an edge, the lighter one is near the center. I kept the white background first because other backgrounds are like... hardly readable sometimes, and also for the same reason as the one before: it references the letters from the logo.

See the orange? In the buttons and inf…

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 21 August 2019

Stuff to do

EDIT January, 4th, 2020: concentrate on what's in bold characters

Hi everyone!
Here's a list of the main things I think would be awesome to do in order to make this wiki better.
It's a kind of long list so it's not like everything is going to be made one one day. We all should participate to complete it!

If you ever disagree with some of these points, just let me know, either here in the comments or on my personnal page (just click my name), if you write your disagreement nicely and with good arguments we can obviously discuss them.

This list is going to be updated from time to time, so check it some time, when you feel bored (Ragnarok).
So, here's the list :

  • Reduce the number of Infoboxes. Indeed, it looks like almost every character has its own…

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 19 August 2019

Say "Hi!" to your new Dear Leader!

Hey there friends! I am now in charge of the wiki, so things are getting upgraded soon! I'll soon post a list of things to be done, don't hesitate to check it! If you have ideas to make the place better, don't hesitate to share too (in the comments of this blog post).

See you soon!

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Pijacquet Pijacquet 7 August 2019

Blog adoption

Hey there friends, how's it going? My name is Pijacquet.

I'm here to suggest a new leadership on this Fandom. Indeed, the wiki creator has, like, only participated on the day of its creation (as you can see here). I am not always here, I am not the most hardcore Kevin fan and discovered his channel not that long ago (like, 1 year ago? A little more I think, maybe 2?), but I like to edit these pages and put some order in them. Indeed, some of them are the result of spam (such as Abandoned page) or mistakes, but no one can delete useless categories or useless pages for example. I admit I didn't do it yet, but I have to check if there is a more "official" Kevin wiki before (and that's the point of this blog post) applying for adoption of this wi…

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