"Stay in here. Okay? Just for one second... OH MY GOD!"

Beyblade was Kevin's first horse he tamed in his Minecraft series. He is a white horse, with diamond armour that Kevin found during his trip to the Nether.

Beyblade was given his name because he had a tendency of spinning rapidly, which Kevin pointed out while roaming the forest to gather supplies to build his current house.

Beyblade was last seen when Kevin left the house with Shit and Paul to find a village. When Kevin and Shit returned, Kevin took Beyblade out for another adventure, since Shit and Kevin needed some time apart. Beyblade was left by the nether portal just to be greeted with Kevin finding another saddle, Kevin approached the nearest horse and named him Chad, putting on diamond horse armor for him. They all returned to Kevin's house and the episode ended there.

Personality Edit

When Kevin first approached Beyblade, he was rather hesitant at being tamed, defending himself and bucking off Kevin, until he was finally tamed. Beyblade may have an inner hatred for Kevin, even though he was the more favoured out of the two horses. Unlike Shit, Beyblade has no suicidal tendencies, though he has attempted to escape a few times when Kevin has had to rebuild a fence for the pen. When Chad arrived, he was neutral about the other two fighting, and ate the grass outside the pen trying not to look. Beyblade and Shit have a good relationship, They can be seen eating the same grass and defending the pen. Beyblade seems to be stronger than Chad, not being pushed around and ignoring him when getting aggressive.

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