Kevin is a bear expert. He always wrestles bears to show them who's boss.

What does a bear sound like? Edit

Bears make bear noises. These noises sound like "uUh" (a moan). Black bears have a more soft moan, while grizzly bears "feckin go for it." Kevin is an expert in animal noises and learned everything he knows about animal noises from those phones that say, for example, "the bear says, 'uUh.'"

Origin of bear noises Edit

During the stream "CallMeKevin is attempting to survive in The Survivalists," on June 18th, 2020, Kevin asked Max to "bear with me," and then told him to make bear noises. Everything went downhill from there.

Bear Facts Edit

All these facts are 100% true, as Kevin is an animal expert and would never lie to us.

  • Bears are deterred by round handles and attracted to straight handles.
  • The myth of "a bear circle" scaring away bears came about because round handles do it.
  • Bears love pasta

A True Story about Bears- told by Kevin Edit

"There were these two bears in the forest, and one said 'uUh.' The other replied, 'uUUuuH.' But then there was a nearby campsite with people out doing a bit of camping, in their tent and whatnot, they were having a little meal, and they hear the nearby 'UUuh' in the woods. So they're like,

'Oh God, the universal sound, bear noises, that everyone is aware sounds exactly like a bear, because that's what bears sound like,' is what they said.

So then they both started cowering and they turned off all their lights. But one had pasta cologne on, unfortunately, and bears love pasta. So then Man 1 said to Woman 1- that's their actual names, by the way-

'Thank God you brought the round handle,' to which she replied,

'I thought you had the round handle.'

And then suddenly, right outside the tent, 'UUUUUUH!' And then they realized they were safe because they had a round handle locking the tent (it was one of those round handle tents). But then they realized they left the attic door open. And you could hear 'THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, uUUh UUuUuH,' coming down the attic tent steps.

The moans were getting closer, and louder, and more moany, more intense. And then suddenly, they turned. The bear stood in front of them. (You pan out, and you see all the trees from the top.) And a distant scream as you hear, 'UUUUuh!'

And they were dead. The End?"

-Kevin, during the stream "Detroit: Become Human but chat makes the choices," June 20th 2020

Bear Trivia Edit

  • In the video "Bear Simulator but I can barely stand it" Kevin says that he's always wanted to be a bear.
  • When Kevin worked at CEX, he had a customer come in claiming his house had burned down and all his family and friends got him DVDs to cheer him up, and he wanted to sell them. He brought in 45 copies of Paddington Bear the movie.
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