Anissa Stevens is a character in Kevin's Sims 4 series. She is a random child Jim took on a vacation to the jungle. She was a child when Jim left to explore a temple in the jungle but was a teen when he returned, hinting at some sort of time dilation happening inside said temple.

Life Edit

Prior to their trip, Anissa had already encountered Jim when she was a toddler. He attempted to steal her, but upon realizing he couldn't, he abandoned her on the side of the road and proceeded to steal her Christmas presents.

In the episode Sims 4 but the jungle was a bad idea she gets invited to go to the jungle by Jim, along with Bartholomew (a cat), Human Racket, Dennis Racket and Pumpkin. She stayed in the holiday for most of the trip while Jim went off to explore. By the end of the trip she had become a teenager.

Trivia Edit

  • She lives at the Landgraabs former house
  • Her parents don't love her as they leave her on the side of the road as a toddler
  • Even though she had almost no relationship with Jim she went on the vacation with him.
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