Amnosia is a rare medical condition distantly related to amnesia. The key difference is its lack of medical recognition, its many symptoms, and the possibility of it being an STD. The most notable case of amnosia is Grognak The Destroyer, Attorney at Law.

Symptoms Edit

Symptoms of amnosia include loss of long and short term memory, the belief that you are a doctor or a bus driver, and/or being a total idiot. Amnosia can also cause loss of hair and may make you look like an androgynous communist.

After 35 years of having amnosia, patients may forget how to breathe and die. This is currently unproven as, as far as experts know, nobody has had amnosia for 35 years yet.

Possible Causes Edit

There is a possible relation between being beaten up and having amnosia. It's speculated if being a communist can lead to contraction of the disease, but the test pool of amnosia-havers is too small to prove this theory. Anybody who shares qualities with Grognak The Destroyer, Attorney at Law may be especially susceptible to amnosia.

There is a large possibility that amnosia is either an STD, or is caught by having no friends.

Transmission Edit

Amnosia is highly contagious and can be spread by simply breathing through the nose. Many doctors recommend not breathing to prevent infection.

Some are genetically predisposed to catching amnosia, and this predisposition can be passed on to adopted children. It can also be spread by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or smelling something you were not supposed to sense.

It is speculated that transmission of the disease is related to belief in communism. This has yet to be tested in detail.

Treatment Edit

The only confirmed treatment of amnosia is being hit by a truck and being reincarnated into another world. You will not have amnosia after being reincarnated. If you truly wish to lose the terrifying disease known as amnosia, pray to a truck everyday. However, if you don't have any friends after reincarnating, amnosia will be carried over into your new life.

Another possible treatment is through the use of illegal drugs, such as weed. Notably, Grognak has robbed a bank with their boyfriend to ask the police where to get weed, desperate to cure their amnosia.

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