Aaaaaaaaaaaaah is the alien son of Jim Pickens.

Jim was impregnated by an unknown alien during Jim's studies in college. Because of this, Jim himself had to give birth to Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Inconveniently, Jim's college funds are extremely low to take care of a baby, so it was an intrigue what the future would hold for Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

In the episode "The Sims 4 but I turn my tiny home into a tiny graveyard", Aaaaaaaaaaaah was taken away by child services right after Kevin was about to age him to toddlerhood.

The Aaaaaaaaaaaaah-Aleksey paradox. Edit

Minutes before being impregnated, Jim tried for a baby with a woman called Angela Pleasant. This caused the curious event of two babies (called Aleksey Pleasant and Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Pickens) being born almost at the same time from the same man, one of them seeded and the other one given birth, which caused nuisances among the scientific community. After hours of debate, it was determined that they were "twins but from different people".

Trivia Edit

  • Aleksey and him are this world's first half-twins.
  • Unlike his half-twin that spent his infant years with his mother, Aaaaaaaaaaaaah spent his infant years being taken care of by Jim's college roommates.
  • Kevin tried to age up Aaaaaaaaaaaah by force, but he clicked a blank square instantly making Aaaaaaaaaaaah get taken away...It is a mystery why.
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